From the recording Storm the Gates

This was the first song I wrote in the series.  It is based, fairly obviously, on the story of Israel's exodus from Egypt.  But it was also a reflection on my own personal need to get out from under a job that was causing me tremendous difficulty and take on a new adventure.  Turned out to be more of an adventure than I was anticipating.  It landed me in Maryland where I decided to take a break from church work and try my hand, again, at being a full-time musician.  The break gave me an opportunity to hone my musical skills and I completed most of the Excellent 11 series.
Adventures will bond together those who do them.
The experience of the past
Builds trust in the present
Which leads to hope for the future


Storm the Gates
Words and music by Rick Hill
Life was good
The neighborhood was mild, easy living
The clouds of gray were pushed just out of sight
The sun did shine
And Egypt thrived all taking and no giving
All the toil we turn the soil and pyramids arise.
In the heat
A different beat slowly growing louder
Daily chores
Begin to bore the soul can hardly bear
From deep within
A surging hymn rises o’er the clatter
To wilderness, to wildness, the exodus is here.
The soul rises up and cries with consternation
All for freedom and damn the expectations
Shatter once more these chains of subjugation
Life is made for challenge, grab the reins and storm the gates
Loud the snorts
Of chasing horses bearing down like thunder
The royal guard
Attacks the heart attempts to quench the fire
“Remember when…”
Comes back again and tries to still the drummer
Conquer fear or serve the fear the choice is only ours
When the sea
The path impedes, and Pharaoh’s army closes
And every choice
Seems out of joint, no option stands a chance
Search the soul
Aim for the goal never fear the voices
Forward march, the sea will part its on to Promised Lands