1. Step By Step

From the recording Step By Step

“The life which is unexamined is not worth living” – Plato
A long time ago, I was at the Montreat Annual Recreation Workshop.  I took a class in Low Ropes and the instructor used three questions to do the debriefing.  those questions have stayed with me ever since.  I believe they are a great way to work through a period of reflection:
            What? – what did you do?
            So What? – what difference did it make?
            Now What? – where do you go from here?


Step By Step
Words and music by Rick Hill
1. Early morning
The shadows deep surround us
Proud Orion 
His rival still he fights
Timid footsteps
Filled with hesitation
Not knowing where the path may lie

2. A splash of light
And darkness flees the morning
The world alive
Emerges into view
Distant voices
Alluring sirens calling
Who deceives and who is true?
Take my hand
And walk this road beside me
Step by step
And I’ll tell you what I’ve seen
As the highway slowly rises
Stretched before us
All our dreams
3. Midday heat
The sun is overpowering
Can we take
Another step toward home
Drained of hope
Despair is overwhelming
Plunders us of all we’ve known
4. Now the sun
Caresses the horizon
Reds and golds
Are painted on the sky
A lonely dove
Gently wings homeward
Her journey o’er , her dreams close nigh