From the recording Pokeweed and Thorns

“The genius of a good leader is to leave behind him a situation which common sense, without the grace of genius, can deal with successfully.” Walter Lippmann , Roosevelt Has Gone
            Common sense is the ability to:
            1.  See clearly
            2.  Judge virtuously
            3.  Act decisively


Pokeweed and Thorns
Words and music by Rick Hill
If I planted poke weed
If I planted thorns
Why in the world would I ever think
I’d harvest peas and corn?
If I’d known the wind would blow
All my life away
I’d have moved all I own
Had it for another day.

Get yourself down to the field,
Take a look around
See with something more than eyes
Tell me what you’ve found
Early morn, sky is red
A storm will soon approach
Signs and omens all around
But still we stand and watch

Raise and hold the plumb line
Let it not go slack
There can be no excess
But there should be no lack
Tho’ the world is colored
 In many shades of gray
You must make a judgment
You must lead the way

Arise and claim your call, now
Be steady strong and true
The hurricane approaches
And overtakes the fool
The cry grows ever louder
“Never, never back!”
The one who was the first
Will suddenly be last.
Copyright ©2010 by Richard H. Hill. All rights reserved.