From the recording Earth, Water, Fire, and Air

Good balance creates space for healthy relationships.
The four areas must find equal nurturing:
Body - Physical
Mind - Intellectual
Heart - Emotional
Soul - Spiritual


Earth, Fire, Water, and Air
Words and music by Richard Hill
Body grows in earth and space
Heart will always flame embrace
Mind like waters filled with life
Soul on restless wind will fly

 From the dust of earth we’re born
And return when work is done
In between we reap and till
Flesh and bone seek hope and will

Passion finds its life in fire
Quick consumes what e’er lies near
Destroyer or Refiner choose
Heart is broken or renewed

Sometimes truth in shadow hides
Making fools of those deemed wise
Sometimes truth in light breaks forth
And fools seem wiser than once thought

The wind will blow, one knows not whence
It freely comes, or freely ends
 So our spirits long for flight
To play, to dream, to love, to life