From the recording The Other Side of Flight

I had the idea for the song when I watched an airliner fly overhead.  I wondered if there was someone on board that plane who was looking down to earth wishing he/she could land.  I spent quite a bit of time contemplating the irony of the situation – each person is living the dream of the other.  Neither are content where they are. 

I am always amazed at how various pieces of a larger puzzle come together.  The music – as well as further investigation into the theme – was inspired by the intro music to a movie called “Astronaut Farmer.”  Though not one of the all time great movies it does have an interesting story line about a man who pursues a dream.  Then I read the article quoted above and more of the song fell into place.  Last, there is the influence of F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I have been reading some of his books and I love the way he uses the language for some of his descriptions.  So, I tried to be a bit more creative in my word choices.


The harvest is gone from the field

He plants his feet where the stalks sleep withered and empty

With roots reaching deep in the soil

Fine filament fingers defining the labors of a lifetime.

He turns his face toward the indigo shroud

And dreams of piercing the sky

Reaching a hand, caressing a cloud

His terren heart longs to fly


Miles in the sphere overhead

He sets F. Scott down and stares at the clouds out his window

For years he’s lived on the plane

Leaving trails of fading gossamer lacing behind him

The clouds break apart; earth’s colors are spilt;

Bento-boxed calico soft on a bed

He closes his eyes and he’s wrapped in that quilt

Oh how he wishes he’d land.


The grass seems greener on the other side of flight

Our dreams out of reach of our hands

If we could but hold them for a moment we’d find

Some truce between stars and sand


There’s a place in the distance we see

Where earth touches sky, shadow and light meld together

Each day in our life we believe

And as miles turn to memories that longing, breathes heavy and deeper

There’s some who fly at the speed of sound

Some near motionless stand

Some afraid they are stuck to the ground

And some who fear they won’t land.