From the recording I Always Do What I Can

I heard this story from a Cuban pastor as part of a Bible study.  My mind almost immediately began to wander thinking "this would make a great song!"  As election day approached, I knew I had to get this song out there, it was so much about the power of a vote!


I Always Do What I Can
Words and music by Richard Hill

I may not have the courage of a lion

I may not the reach of a giraffe

I may not have the strength of a rhino

But, believe me, I do what I can…

You know I always do what I can!


Now the jungle was ablaze like a fiery furnace

The animals, terrified, scattered and ran

At the top of a hill a menagerie gathered;

A lion, a rhino and a skinny giraffe

There was a lion, a rhino and a string bean giraffe

The lion roared, "What's become of our country!"
The rhino stomped his big feet in disgust;

The giraffe was swayin’ with a mournful moanin’

The fire raged on in spite of the fuss

Yes the fire raged on disregarding the fuss!

While the three carried on hour upon hour
A little bird flew by with a drop in its beak

It let loose its load on the blazing inferno

Returning for more, he took a moment to speak

Going back to reload, he paused for a speech…


Now the troubles in our world may ravage like a wildfire
The problems we face, a conflagration enraged

But if each of us uses the gifts we’ve been granted

A single drop multiplied turns into a wave

A whole lot of droplets become tidal waves!