1. Fare Thee Well

From the recording Fare Thee Well

This song is the oldest song on the CD. It was actually written in the early 80's. I wanted a song that would relate some of the tension between what we preach at Christmas and the realities of the human condition. We don't want war. People die in war - friends, loved ones. It is a terrible tragedy. But there is this hopefulness that lingers deep within us - "Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men." Someday, that dream will become a reality.


Fare Thee Well
Words and music by Richard Hill
Fare thee well, my only darling
Fare Thee well, my own true love
I must leave my captain’s calling
To fight for freedom with my blood.
Off he rode into the forest
On his steed so gallantly.
Sword in hand, he never noticed
The tears she cried to see him leave.

There she stayed, watched for his coming
There she waited for some word.
Saw a messenger come running
Bearing his shield and his sword.
“Sad, my lady, news I bring you
Of the battle fought so brave
For your love lies in the field’s dew
Slain by hate, sent to his grave.”

Tears she wept flowed like a river
Tears she cried all through the night
Songs of Christmas reached her never
Though it seemed the forest tried.
Angels hovering o’er the woodland
Bringing joy, their gift to send
Singing songs about the Christ child
“Peace on earth, good will toward men.”

Copyright © 1979, Richard Hill, Schoharie, NY 12157