From the recording Everything Changes

This song began when the comet Halle-Bopp appeared back in the mid-nineties. I was amazed at how fast this thing was travelling and yet it seemed to just "hang" in the Western sky. I coupled this with a short conversation I had with some teenagers about how the older folks in their church always wanted things to stay the same. I thought that we coould use a song that would help us deal with the ever changing world in a bit more positive manner. The song pays homage to Paul Simon's "Fifty-Ninth Street Bridge Song" because that is such a happy, upbeat tune.


Everything Changes Words and music by Richard Hill
1. A comet hangs in the western sky
Its hard to believe how fast it can fly
A tail that stretches for thousands of miles
On a journey through the universe it visits a while
Rivers flow and the mountains grow
Everything changes wherever you go
The whole world spinning on a journey through space
Nothing I know of ever stays in one place.
2. My name is Pat, my name is Ray
I left home on a sunny blue day
My name is Sonja, my name is Jae
I went for a walk when I needed a change
3. Have you got roots, I got roots, too
When trouble comes, you know
your roots will see you through
But even your roots are travelers, too
On a journey through the soil in search of your food
© 2007, by Richard Hill, Schoharie, NY 12157