Almost heaven, West Virginia!

In January Judy and I moved to Gerrardstown, WV. We are somewhat off the beaten path, living on the side of a mountain which makes lots of things quite interesting.  Everywhere you go you are walking uphill or down.  But we are in the middle of a forest which, now that the leaves have grown out on the trees, is really quite beautiful and very peaceful.  Lots of projects to do around the home inside and out.

I am involved with a whole different group of folks now, playing a lot of Old Time at several gatherings that occur each month.  I am also playing with a couple who live in the community doing a variety of folk, country, bluegrass and originals from each of us.  They are New Jersey transplants where they played in several bands.  

I am also able to do some guest preaching gigs at area churches, so I keep my hand in that aspect of the creative life.

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