New songs for the Excellent 11 series

So far four songs have been written.  A sense of adventure, common sense, reflection, and resilience are now covered.  Ron Clark's book - "The Excellent 11" is the source of inspiration.

The newest song is "Log Roll", exploring "resilience." This is based on an actual occurence.  I watched as several turtles sat on a slowly turning log that was floating in a pond.  They adjusted themselves so they didn't fall off, but finally too many turtles got on and the whole thing went over dumping all of them back in.

Big ol' turtle sat on a log

In the middle of a puddle in the middle of a bog.

Soakin' up sun in the early morn,

Shuffles his feet as the lof slowly turns.


Life is good, life is sweet

Sun so warm settin in that tree

Keep your mind on where you wanna be

And let that log roll on!

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