Excellent 11 is now REACH!

I have completed all the songs in the Excellent 11 Series.  Since I am uncertain about Mr. Clark's perspective on my using the title of his book for my series, I am calling it "Reach! - Striving for Excellence"  I am now in the process of matching some songs by other writers with each of the 11 songs.  For instance, Harry Chapin's "Flowers Are Red" will be paired with "From Dust" since both are about creativity.  "The Ash Grove" will be paired with "East on Eden's Road" since both express appreciation for the folks who have had significance in our lives.  You get the idea.  The only song NOT on the website is "A Time to Laugh."  I haven't quite got that down to a recordable form yet.  Hopefully in the next week or so that will happen.

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