Morning Music

I have a toe infection.  As a result, I have to soak my foot for 30 minutes every
morning.  I can't just sit there, pondering life.  I have to do something, so I've
been sitting there with my foot in warm water (oh, that does feel nice) and a
fiddle, guitar or banjo in my hands.  My toe is getting better (very slowly), but I
have found that 30 minutes of music at the beginning of the day, sets the day off
with a whole different feel.  I have to play quietly, so I don't disturb my
neighbors, but being able to play and sing first thing in the morning has been
really nice.

I have known for a long time that music is a powerful force - on both community and
personal levels.  This 30 minute time is a personal time for me.  A time when music
gets a little deeper into me.  It is a time when music can build some strength,
remind me of who I am and what I am really passionate about, help me focus on some
of the larger, foundational things.

I am told i have to do this 21 times in order for it to become a habit. 
It should be ingrained in there by now.  And I do hope I can continue even after my
toe has healed (toe/heal/heel, get it?).  I hope that you can find time during your
day to let music do its thing with you.


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