Music Camp

I spent the first very hot week of July at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland attending Common Ground on the Hill classes. I took three harp classes, a folk dancing class, and helped dig out a dugout canoe. It was a great week that introduced me to a lot of players on the acoustic music scene. I increased my skills in playing harp as well as knowledge about the harp. I spent an hour each day with Ken Koons who is a great wood crafter – he builds all sorts of instruments as well as other things, often without power tools! CGOTH offers classes in a whole variety of crafts, storytelling, dancing, music and fine arts. Over the years I have tried to attend music camps whenever I can. They are scattered all over the country. They are a wonderful way to really immerse yourself in your art. For a week or two you can surround yourself with people that are as passionate about their craft as you are. This is a great way to expand your musical interests and skills and meet some pretty amazing people. (I chipped out the canoe with the great blues singer Guy Davis!) Next summer, go back to camp!
Rick Hill

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