Spread Your Wings

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Rick Hill


Compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings…
    --Thomas Merton

I was deeply influenced by Matthew Fox's "A Spirituality Named Compassion".  His thoughts on Compassion provide the background for this characteristic.

Fox unpacks the following as defining compassion:

   Understanding those whom you are helping

    Celebration of our unity and need for each other

   Works of Mercy done with an attitude of helpfulness

    Lifestyle that demonstrates compassion at all times.


 Spread Your Wings

words and music by Richard H. Hill

Spread your wings... And fly above the mountain tops

Where the sun... breaks through the clouds

Soaring high... Far into the atmosphere

See the world... With holy beauty crowned


Carrying upon your back

The troubles of the world

Lift them to a higher plain

And release them to the sun


In your beak... Bear again the olive branch

An offering... Of tomorrow’s hope

Let your song... Gently fall to earth

Beck’ning forth... The heart’s own tones


Join the choir of heaving sadness

Lifting their mournful song

Add your voice in deep compassion

Til you and they are one


Then spread your wings... And lift them o’er the mountaintops

Where the sun... Breaks through the clouds

Soaring high... Far into the atmosphere

Show them the world... With holy beauty crowned


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