Bring That Laurel Home

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Rick Hill


“Great designs are not accomplished without enthusiasm of some sort.  It is the inspiration of everything great.  Without it no man is to be feared, and with it none despised.” – Christian N. Bovee (1820-1904)

This song is about passion/enthusiasm.  Clark holds enthusiasm up as the characteristic to be sought, but I would like to suggest going one step further - to passion.  The steps are excitement leading to enthusiasm leading to passion.  When one is passionate about a project or an idea, then there is nothing that can stop that person.  He/she is willing to overcome any and all obstacles in order to reach the desired end.


Bring That Laurel Home

Words and music by Richard H. Hill


You gotta dig deep

There’s gold hidden in the ground

You gotta reach high

Aim for the sun and the moon

You gotta stretch real wide for these wings to fly

Believe in yourself, let the rest go by

Everybody’s got dreams but the laurel’s gonna go

To the one whose steady and strong


Tortoise and the hare in a race one day we’re told

Rabbit was a laughing and soon lost sight of the goal

Everybody thought, “What a piece of cake

Hare’s got the race right out of the gate.”
But the tortoise instead focused his head

And brought that laurel home



There once was a man who lost everything he loved

He stopped complaining and figured what must be done

His friends all laughed when they saw the mess

But the man had a dream, he’d give it his best

Stone by stone, blood, sweat and bone

He brought that laurel home



If you’re hanging your head along the side of the road

Hopin' there’s a bus that’ll come and save your soul

That driver don’t care if you’re lost and gone

And the folks in the seats sing the same sad song

Let the bus go by, catch your dream and fly

And bring that laurel home