The move back to Virginia

I am looking forward to being back up in the mountains...

TAI teaching at Whittier Elementary School

"We are connected to the rest of the world through the instruments we play."

Jubal's Nation Folk Church

This is something I have been working on for 30 years, ever since I heard "A Prairie Home Companion."

Instruments for Hungry for Music

Instruments for Hungry for Music

Excellent 11 is now REACH!

I have completed all the songs in the Excellent 11 Series.

Work Continues on Excellent 11 series

I have just finished song #7 in the Excellent 11 series.  This one is about Enthusiasm.  Titled "Take That Laurel Home" it is about developing a deep sense of direction and commitment that will overcome obstacles.  Uses the story of the tortoise and the hare as an example.  Eventually we will have rough MP3s on the site so you can hear the songs.  Now on to #8!

Christmas Show

I am working on my Christmas show.  It will be comprised of mostly the lesser known songs and carols including "Miss Hoolihan's Christmas Cake" (always a fun one!)  I am working on five songs for the harp, so I am hoping that the harp will be worked into the program!  I always want to be able to sing with whatever instrument I am playing, so singing with the harp is an interesting challenge.

New songs for the Excellent 11 series

So far four songs have been written.  A sense of adventure, common sense, reflection, and resilience are now covered.  Ron Clark's book - "The Excellent 11" is the source of inspiration.

The newest song is "Log Roll", exploring "resilience." This is based on an actual occurence.  I watched as several turtles sat on a slowly turning log that was floating in a pond.  They adjusted themselves so they didn't fall off, but finally too many turtles got on and the whole thing went over dumping all of them back in.

Big ol' turtle sat on a log

In the middle of a puddle in the middle of a bog.

Soakin' up sun in the early morn,

Shuffles his feet as the lof slowly turns.


Life is good, life is sweet

Sun so warm settin in that tree

Keep your mind on where you wanna be

And let that log roll on!

Work Progresses on FAME

A group of acoustic musicians (Todd C. Walker, Tomy Wright, Rod Deacy and Doug Alan Wilcox) is creating an umbrella organization for acoustic musicians in and around Frederick County.  FAME (Frederic Acoustic Music Enterprise) will be a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing, promoting and preserving original and traditional acoustic music of all genres.  Our goals will be

(a) To nurture, promote and preserve original and traditional acoustic music of all genres in Frederick and Frederick County through live music, education and community outreach;

(b) To educate aspiring musicians and the general public about all aspects of original and traditional acoustic music of all genres via workshops, open mikes, showcases and concerts;

(c) To reach out to the community via workshops and concerts, especially through schools and youth organizations and the setting up of mentoring opportunities for young and aspiring acoustic musicians.

We are currently in the process of incorporating.  Next step will be seeking 501c3 status.

Website should be up shortly!

Getting Settled

We are finally settled in Maryland! Frederick is, apparently, a good place for singer/songwriters. I am finding a number of good venues including Frederick Coffee Company and Frederick Cellars. I played as part of songwriters showcase AT Frederick coffee Company on Sunday, Jan. 17. Great to hear other songwriters!

Getting Closer to Maryland!

Another week and a half, seems hard to believe. We are slwoly getting everything relocated to Thurmont, MD. I plan on being there full time beginning January 1. Two more carloads!

Everything Changes Now

My new CD is finally here! It will take a little while to get it to CDBaby, but you can order yours today! Simply send a chck for $16 for each copy you would like to Rick Hill, PO Box 237, Schoharie, NY 12157 I will have it for downloads shortly.

Everything Changes Nov 25

My new CD "Everything Changes" will be out by Nov. 25. Several interesting cuts: "The Honeymoon Suite" on which I play two hammered dulcimers (ah, the magic of technology) harmonizing with each other. Tom Wadsworth is playing bagpipes on "Wexford Lament" which is a fiddle tune that I put words to. I play hammered dulcimer on "The Bells" an Edgar Allan Poe poem put to music by Phil Ochs.

Workshops at Forest Lake Camp

I will be spending several days at Forest Lake Camp doing performances, workshops and calling a dance. The workshops will use music and recreation to help kids develop leadership skills.

The CD Grows!

"Everything Changes" is pretty much finished. I am now working on "Daily Bread" a song about an old inner-city man whose house is being torn down to make room for a freeway entry ramp. Other songs being considered for the CD include "Candle in the Darkness", "Emma" "Isaiah's Dream" and "Wexford Lament." Tom white is doing the recording at Wizmak Studios in Middleburgh.

Working on new CD

I have begun laying down tracks for a new CD (Finally!). The recording is being done at Wizmak Studios in Middleburgh NY. Many of you folks have asked for "Everything Changes" so that is the first song. The project is scheduled to be completed by August.

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