Walk Upon the Waves

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Rick Hill
Richard Hill


This song was written during  the Swannanoa Gathering music camp.  It comes from the story of Jesus walking on the water (Matthew 14).



If you need some certainty

If you’re feeling drained

If you need a place to stand

Walk upon the waves

If you need some harmony

If you need some space

Take a walk out on the sea

Walk upon the waves


Every day is a workday

Rollin’ stones up a hill

Each stone getting bigger

Each day getting’ filled

Look across the mountains

And out to the blue

The waves are rollin’

Are they callin’ you?


Quickly how the years pass

Tho each seems so slow

Fighting with the changing wind

Fighting with the flow

Travelin by steamship

Or paddlin a canoe

There’s light upon the water

Is it calling you?


When the night is darkest

At the height of the storm

When the sea is raging

When the sails are torn

Reach in to the ocean

And take off your shoes

There’s wonder in the water

Is it calling you?

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