Martha At the Window Watching

Rick Hill


Warm shadows dance upon the walls

The crackling fire embracing

The pillowed soft of cozy chairs

The deep-napped window dressing

The velvet plush, pulled back a bit

Reveals the lace beneath

And Martha parting lace from lace

Steps up to take a peek


From golden warmth, she looks intent

Upon the frozen ground

The sun's been hidden all day long

By snow held in the clouds

And now as darkness steals the day

The shadows twine together

And Martha stands her quiet watch

Untouched by sound or hour


     All night long Martha's at the window watching

      Morning comes and Martha still is there

      All night long I can hear her softly singing

      Morning comes and her music scents the air

What vision holds her to the panes

What could she hope to see?

For all night long her sparkling eyes

Search from tree to tree

And now a gentle snow falls, silent,

Blanketing the ground

And Martha hums a song remembered

When she was quite young


In morning grey the snow have come

And Martha's eyes grow heavy

She peeks once more through frost to see

Footsteps in the blanket.

Then rushing, joyous, glass to glass

Throws open every curtain

And stands to wait fro Martha's dream

Now treads the path for certain!